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Apartments we have styled are sold faster.

Apartments designed and styled by KOTO are both comfortable and attractive. As professionals, we see the right solutions for every space from the buyer’s point of view, and we always do the implementations on a fast schedule. A harmonious and clear entity shortens sales times as it makes it easier for the buyer to make their purchase decision. Our customers include real estate agents, developers, private home sellers and investors. We provide ​​styling services for Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and the surrounding municipalities of the Helsinki metropolitan area.


Styling for individuals and businesses

Ordering styling service

Call or email us with a brief description of the property. Usually a floor plan and a few pictures are enough for us to see the whole and its needs. You will receive an offer for the work immediately. We have a large furnishing capacity for fast and high-quality styling.

Price of the styling

We price each job separately, but as an example, an empty studio with kitchen that is going on sale, is a total of 1240 €. The work includes the removal of goods, transport, styling, as well as the work required for unloading and return transport in the Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki metropolitan areas. If the furniture stays in the apartment, we will determine a monthly rent of 248-992 €, depending on the amount of goods. The first month’s furniture rental is included in the price of the styling.

Implementation of styling

We agree the styling day and the practical arrangements according to the customer’s wishes. Our professionals handle the work on a turnkey basis. If necessary, we also rent furniture and decorations for a longer period of time and for different needs. The unpacking will be handled according to the agreed schedule.

The benefits of styling

A well-executed sales order shortens the sale time of the property and considerably increases the interest in the apartment. We have several years of experience in the great results of styling in sales promotion. Many real estate agents and private home sellers have recognized the benefits of styling and are actively using our services as part of the sales process.