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KOTO Interior design

Our roads met by chance in 2010 as we worked in same work projects. . We soon realized that as designers, we complement each other through Aino’s marketing expertise and Tiia’s background in the construction industry. This is how we decided to join forces and Koto Interior Design was established in 2013.

Many stages and growing pains of our company has been like watching a little child learning to crawl, then stand up, taking few first steps, then being able to walk. Eventually being able to run and even jump. Every day we wonder and admire new things and the growth of our company. With humbleness and gratefulness, we want to develop and nurture Koto and keep offering its services with a happy attitude - from year to year, always with better expertise.

In addition to the interior design office, we openedVärisilmä Showroom store in 2017. In Vantaa, we operate as both Värisilmä retailers and design office designers. Our growth journey involves also helping hands: interior designers Sara Antila, Johanna Kangas, Pia Wartiainen and Tiia Savolainen make wonderful homes with a big heart and professionalism alongside us.


With love, KOTO
Tiia and Aino