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Interior design

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Interior design

How does a interior design project progress?


It all starts with us getting to know the space in question and the discussing the desired changes. At the first meeting, the scope of the change, the wishes and the timetable for implementation will be reviewed together. After the meeting, we provide a price estimate for the design. Once the contract is in place, we will start the agreed design work.

If necessary, appointments can also be handled flexibly virtually, so feel free to ask. Let’s see together what is the best way to have a virtual meeting.

Once the ideas about materials, colors, and functionality are outlined, we meet and discuss an intermediate presentation. This phase gives you the opportunity to see a little bit of the future and make the necessary changes, as well as refine your thoughts on the project. This step is important so that both parties can influence the outcome in the right way.

When the design project is completed, we will make a written room card with all the planned lighting solutions, furniture, materials, colors and their detailed information. In the case of a comprehensive space plan, a change in structures or a new development, we make floor plans and present the locations of the furniture and possible changes in relation to the walls, door openings, etc. suhteen. We usually draw 3D images to support our designs and to outline the visual atmosphere.


Wondering about the price of a future change?


Here are some indicative pricing examples to support your decision (including drawing, furniture and lighting, surface materials and textiles marked to a material card):

  • Living room (size 20-30m2): about 1600-2400 €
  • Bedroom (size 10-20m2): about 1300-1500 €
  • Kitchen: about 2000-2600 €
  • Toilets or bathrooms: about  1500-2500€
  • Studio apartment: 2500-4000 €
  • One bedroom apartment: 3000-5000 €
  • Four rooms + kitchen: 6000-11000 €

These examples are rough estimates, as the sizes of dwellings and their need for change vary widely.


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