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Interior design consultation

When there’s a need for a slight change.

The consultation is suitable for lighter interior design needs. Have you considered renovating your home? You may be selling an apartment and you may not be able to figure out which things need to be changed or repaired. It’s hard to keep up with what materials, colors, or technical solutions exist today. There are many solutions available, but which ones to choose?

Invite our interior designer for a  discussion and we will go through all the facilities and problem areas that should be fixed. We advise on products, recommend color schemes, and, if necessary, suggest reliable partners to complete the work. With the advice of a professional, you can expect a smooth transition.

We also operate flexibly through virtual meetings and other ways of working. Feel free to ask, and let’s see how we can help.

The minimum price for the consultation is 470 (incl. 24% VAT). Interior design consulting does not include a free first visit.