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Now that we have gone through the pros and cons of house suppliers, we finally ended up at Sievitalo. The reason why I did this is my own experience working with Sievi, both builders and partners. Another important criterion for us was the carelessness brought by the prefabricated house. We don’t have enough time to fend off the plot, and not really any enthusiasm. Working days often stretch into the late evening, and I guess even chefs, who work in the finest restaurants, don’t have the same level of intensity when they return home and make a simple weekday dinner for their family. Of course, the package offered by Sievitalo is clear in terms of material choices, and through them you get a wide range of good and high-quality products, but also flexibility if you want to change materials to ones you don’t like from the basic selections. Of course, I have my own ambitions, which Sievi has to accept when the client is an interior designer, but in a good spirit we go.

Our plot is challenging as it is located in a steep slope. A stone house would certainly have been a good and sensible option, but perhaps too valuable for our budget. It would also have been slow to build and we would not have received such a comprehensive package from a single address. One of the many atypical solutions that we have to make, is a special walkway to our new house. I’ll write more about that later.