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After looking at the backyard plot for 11 years, we decided to build a house on it. Yes, that’s right, we’re not going to do it ourselves. Instead, we’re looking for a constructor to build the house for us, preferably all from one place.

There have been many stages in this project so far, including hundreds of ideas for the style, material and placement of the house on the site. Since my work with houses is also in full swing, there is perhaps too much information and ideas. I try to stick to the idea and the mantra that I tell also to my customers: if there are many options that all feel appropriate and wonderful, then it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Surely the end result will then be one that produces joy. The choice just needs to be done.

Our previous home, which was a 1950’s house with all its sweet features and imperfectness, contained the kind of atmosphere I loved. Now that the house is new, I want a different atmosphere from it. However, I notice how old houses fascinate me more than new ones, so you won’t see anything too linear and sterile in the solutions I choose. Cosiness and the feeling that the home exudes warmth is the most important thing to me personally. I also demand functionality and logic from this house: the things that are important to our family need to have their own place. I would like to highlight those areas where there have been shortcomings before. In them, I don’t compromise, although to another they may seem like strange solutions. I will always tell you why we do this and what I look for in any function. Enjoy reading updates on my house building project.